The advantages of choosing a single partner in the packaging field

/ Streamlining of internal procedures

/ Rationalization of resources

/ Management simplification

/ Saving money

Our ONE-SOURCE MODEL means we can meet all product care needs throughout the product’s life cycle in a single supply, thanks to crossways integration of specific skills ranging from packaging design to sourcing of materials, packaging production, contract packing and end-of-line automation, the supply of logistic services in outsourcing and after-sales services.

Trust, quality, development

Working with a single partner means creating a close and solid collaboration relationship which promotes the ability to optimize solutions at every stage with a view to continuous improvement of the processes and technologies involved.

Fewer worries, lower costs

Working with one partner means less time and resources are dedicated to finding and evaluating suppliers, order & warehouse management and controls on supplies: this is a clear advantage in economic and operational terms alike, which means more investments can be made in strategic sectors for the company.

High efficiency, assured results

The ONE SOURCE model helps our customers develop highly efficient customized solutions and procedures by relying on our experience and expertise even for integrated logistics, end-of-line and after-sales services.