We conduct our activities respecting the environment, in full compliance with current regulations.

We are committed to the rationalization of production processes and product innovation for the creation of a closed virtuous circle.
We work to reduce waste in favour of recycling and to optimize transport, encouraging the awareness and involvement of our employees and suppliers.

Through design of innovative solutions, we reduce the weight and volume of the packages ensuring unchanged or improved performance.

From 2013 to 2017 we have reduced production waste by more than 70%, thanks to the optimization of material processing.

All production waste of plastic materials – PE, generated by our production cycle, they come recycled through our manufacturers that provide to rework the material and reposition it on the market as a regenerated product.

For a significant reduction in CO2 emissions generated by transport, we support a customer-supplier short supply chain model, which also allows us to promptly processing waste inside the supplier’s recycling process.