A solution for every need.

A solution for every need.
Serving companies first of all means understanding their needs, sharing their objectives and turning their requests into solutions capable of meeting specific yet ever-changing requirements.

Working closely with our customers, we came to realize that making quality boxes and packaging is merely the first step: if we want to help companies produce in the best possible conditions, we need across the board skills in order to follow up all subsequent stages directly and successfully.


From design to technical assistance: this is how we support our customers.

Over the years, we have expanded our offering to include design, end-of-line and logistics, while also implementing consulting services and after-sales assistance. It is only in this way that can we provide those who choose us the assurance of a one-source packaging and supply chain partner.

Areas of activity


Modern production lines mean we can produce more than 30,000 boxes/hour using cutting-edge techniques. We process and convert Polyethylene Foam, creating specific packaging for the client’s every product.


We handle design, prototypes and the development of customized packaging solutions capable of optimizing overall dimensions, reducing environmental impact, cutting costs and ensuring maximum protection.


Advanced solutions for end-of-line automation. We design and install technological automation systems for packaging: from packing to marking and product traceability.


Integrated end-of-line and logistics services. We provide value-added outsourcing services, taking on the packing, inbound and outbound flows and warehouse management directly.